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Texas License to Carry Classes Information

Need to Know

This information document explains the course overview. information on how to go to the Texas DPS website and how to enroll for digital fingerprints so that fingerprints can be completed on the same day that you take the course.


On-Line Texas License to Carry Classroom Instruction

Key Info

Take the first four hours of Texas DPS required learning material in the comfort of your own home.  You will have the flexibility to go at your own pace, leave the course and come back to where you left off and the ability to review any lesson if you feel you need additional time to learn the material.

Complete this course and you will then be eligible to take the next round of training, the range safety and proficiency exam.  If, you’re located in our area, you will take that portion of the training with US here at Engaige Firearms Training & Consulting. 


Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer

FFL/ NFA Class III Dealer

Engaige Firearms Training is a Federally Licensed Dealer of Firearms. We utilize four major firearms wholesalers to obtain firearms. We keep a small selection in stock but we can order most brands of firearms. We are also authorized dealers for Aero Precision, Leupold and can get accessories for your firearms. We offer limited Gunsmithing services. If you are looking to build your own AR style rifle we can help. We we do offer FFL Transfer services. BUT let us know what you are looking for before buying online. We can usually get you a comparable price and save you shipping and FFL transfer fees.

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Texas License to Carry Class

One Stop Shop

This Texas License to Carry Class is the "Complete"class all conducted in one day. We are the only location in Kerrville area that is capable of providing this one day service. We offer the mandated Classroom instruction, Range proficiency  and the digital fingerprint service in the session. Entire session lasts approximately 6 hours. So if you have a tight schedule and you want it all completed in one day Book online with us.


Texas License to Carry Pre-Proficiency Class

Not too Sure? Perhaps a little rusty?

This class is the complete LTC with a little extra. This course is designed for those students that may not be confident in themselves or their operation  of their handgun. In this course you will receive additional training from a firearms instructor on operation, shooting fundamentals, including stance, presentation, sight alignment, breathing and trigger. You will work with dry-fire skills and live fire. Completing the course with the LTC Range Proficiency.


NFA Class III Dealer

Need a suppressor?  Look no further.

Engaige Firearms Training and Consulting is a NFA Dealer. We sell Suppressors, SBR, SBS all in accordance to NFA laws. We are an authorized dealer with Silencer Shop. Check out our dealer portal with Silencer Shop. Let us simplify the process for you.  We will assist you in setting up an online profile with SS, we add your digital photo to your profile and do you digital fingerprint cards on site. Simply find the suppressor(or) NFA item and purchase the item and of the $200 Tax Stamp  from our dealer portal. SS shop will assign us a  serial number and will complete the paperwork. All documents will be completed though E-documents. Once the NFA approves you, we will transfer the NFA item to you. If you have any questions contact us.

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Owner/Senior Instructor


Marissa Gaige

Owner/ Admin Assistant

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